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We host annual festivals so global youth can connect and heal together in a space surrounded by nature.

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Life skills


Financial Literacy

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What are you looking to master? Our courses will guide you towards financial freedom. We provide courses and tools with all levels of investment in mind. To get started on this financial independence journey, you must Start by watching our free webinar on how to generate money babies.

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Life skills

This is a dynamic live or virtual workshop takes the students through the journey after graduation. This workshop will teach them how to approach life mentally and financially after their graduation. In this workshop we will teach them how to take advantage of their college degrees, how to differentiate themselves from other candidates in the marketplace and the 3 critical mental shifts needed to live a life full of growth, and fulfillment.


This workshop is perfect for universities offering entrepreneurship degrees and or give their students access to programs such as entrepreneurship incubators. This workshop follows our proprietary methodology called “The Diamond Autonomous Start-up Method” which guides students into building sustainable businesses. This workshop has various objectives. The first objective is to open the students’ eyes about how they can start a business regardless of their background, gender, country, or family lineage. The second objective is to guide them into building up their business ideas into an actual business structure. The third objective and the most important objective is for this workshop to help create a successful sustainable automated business that impacts their hometown economy.

Financial Literacy

This dynamic workshop was built to guide students into building financial wealth as they enter the workforce. According to Gallup Poll, the average person does not start investing until the age of 29 and only 26% of people start investing before the age of 25. Our goal with this dynamic workshop is to open the students eyes about finances after college and give them a road map to start budgeting, and investing so they have measurable financial retirement goals.

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