Entrepreneurship: How to build a Sustainable Business without Money

Topics Covered:

  1. Changing our mindset about money.
  2. Building an idea based on problems we are solving in our current society.
  3. Understanding & measuring risk.
  4. Evaluating ideas through market research.
  5. Finding your target market & points of sale.
  6. Building an automated infrastructure.
  7. Learning the numbers
  8. Key Resources: What resources do you need to build this business?
  9. Launch: Going to market.

This workshop is perfect for universities offering entrepreneurship degrees and or give their students access to programs such as entrepreneurship incubators. This workshop follows our proprietary methodology called “The Diamond Autonomous Start-up Method” which guides students into building sustainable businesses. This workshop has various objectives. The first objective is to open the students’ eyes about how they can start a business regardless of their background, gender, country, or family lineage. The second objective is to guide them into building up their business ideas into an actual business structure. The third objective and the most important objective is for this workshop to help create a successful sustainable automated business that impacts their hometown economy.

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