Life Skills: How to secure your dream job after college

Topics Covered:

  1. What does the marketplace look like after graduation? What will make them unique?
  2. Fears: How do fears affect our daily lives? How do we attack them? What happens after we attack them?
  3. Retirement: The importance of doing what we love & not what society tells us to do.
  4. When you stop learning you start dying: What does a life of investing in yourself looks like?
  5. Problem with savings & how inflation affects our savings account.
  6. Financial Organization: The importance of knowing where your money is going.
  7. The 3 steps towards financial prioritization.
  8. How to increase your income in the market place?
  9. Why is this the best time to be in the marketplace? What are the opportunities.
  10. Bonus: An introspection meditation that takes the students to the future. What will their lives look like if they shifted their mindsets.

This is a dynamic live or virtual workshop takes the students through the journey after graduation. This workshop will teach them how to approach life mentally and financially after their graduation. In this workshop we will teach them how to take advantage of their college degrees, how to differentiate themselves from other candidates in the marketplace and the 3 critical mental shifts needed to live a life full of growth, and fulfillment.

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