Mexico Immersive Experience

Join Us into the depths of Mexico 

An Ancestral Journey for Continual Self Growth!

The Most Powerful Immersive Experience To Connect with Mexico & Grow Your Internal Self all while enjoying and learning!

Mexico Immersion Tours

A concise 3 day ancestral program to mastering your life; re align your business goals; set intentions for your 2024, and begin a new year with peace of mind… all while enjoying and learning about Mexican history and its ancestral ceremonies.

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Relax and take a deep breath…

Embark on a transformative journey with “Echoes of Wisdom,” a unique 3-day immersive leadership retreat that seamlessly weaves together ancestral wisdom, ceremonial experiences, and the rich tapestry of Mexican culture. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Mexico, this program is designed to ignite personal growth, foster authentic leadership skills, and cultivate a deep connection to ancestral roots.

Ancestral Wisdom Integration

Ceremonial Experiences

Self-Reflective Exploration

What will you get?

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Join Us

Immerse yourself in a holistic program that goes beyond traditional leadership and inner self training, offering a profound and soul-nourishing experience. Connect with like-minded individuals, tap into the wisdom of Mexico’s cultural heritage, and emerge renewed, empowered, and ready to lead with authenticity and purpose.

About the Facilitator

Mei-Jing is a world citizen of Mexican and Chinese descent, who has not only lived among monks in India but has also traversed over 50 countries, immersing herself in diverse cultural wisdom. She comes from a corporate background, hosting workshops globally that transform future leaders. She has hand crafted this 3 day immersive program to bring a very unique blend of corporate leadership self development training with ancestral ceremonies so that each participant has an experiential learning process. Bringing a rich tapestry of global experiential insights to our transformative program.



So what are you waiting for?

Learn about the Mexican culture, and create the life you have always wanted by investing in yourself and purchasing this short but very effective 3 day immersive program!

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If you are interested in any of these two retreats, please send us a request below.

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