7 Step Wealth Program

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What is a residual income investment? What is financial freedom? How can I generate more income? Where is the best place to invest my money? How can I make sure not to loose money through investments? What are the best digital or virtual skills for 2022? How can I tackle down my debt? How can I start shifting my mindset? 

Are you looking to shift your financial life forever? This course will answer all the above questions and more.  It does not matter what part of the financial freedom journey your in or how much income you are bringing in, because at the end of the day; what you do with what you have is more important than what you have. The 7 Step Wealth Program is for anyone and everyone looking to increase their income, tackle down debt, learn key financial terms, and learn the residual income investment options available to you. 

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • 1. ) Understand the different Financial mindset you must overcome to succeed
  • 2. ) Learn Debt Tackling Strategies
  • 3.) Learn how to generate income part time so you start creating freedom from your corporate job.
  • 4.) Training on the 5 residual income buckets
  • 5.) 10 Golden Investment Rules to ALWAYS follow when investing

The 7 Step Program Includes:

  • 1. ) Worksheets and training
  • 2. ) Downloadable PDFs for each step
  • 3.) Walkthrough videos on each step
  • 4.) Quizzes and forms to keep you accountable through your progress
  • 5.) Complete the course and enter a pool of our students who qualify to receive NFT drops.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is only available to students who have completed our “Financial Accelerator Course”. If you have not completed this course, click the button below to get you there. 

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